About Victor Zitun

My name is Victor Zeitun and I am a rehabilitation trainer for disabled and handicapped, athletic trainer and medical masseur. I have over 10 years of experience of rehab and training of this special sector.
I look at the person, and not the limitation, as a result I am able to push my patients to the edge in the training!
in my clinic i treat in a wide range of injuries:
- traumatic injuries, spinal cord injury that as a result the person became a paraplegic or quadriplegic and forced to live in a wheel chair, as well as Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA), etc..
- Autoimmune disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Sarcopenia, etc..
- diseases from birth, Cerebral palsy (CP), Poliomyelitis, etc..
Furthermore, patients with Dementia as well as patients with back pain are also train in the clinic.
After the initial diagnosis I prepare a training program and we start in the process, I refresh the program every once in a while.
Some of the exercises that are implemented in the clinic are:
Rehab active walking – a unique device that design especially for patients that seating in a wheelchair for any reason: spinal cord injury, MS, sarcopenia and more are able to walk on this device by themselves and with some support by me . The main goal is to reinforce the connection between the motor area in the brain to the muscular system.
Swing - a gentle side to side movements that stretching the abdominal obliques, the lower back and the hips (extremely for those how seat must of the day in a wheelchair due to a shorts in the tendons). It also stretches the muscles of the lower back and buttocks.

in conclusion, Victor looks at the person, and not the limitation.
The main goals of the treatments at Victor's clinic are to reinforce the connection between the motoric area in the brain to the muscle system as well as to take the sessions as far as possible without to “consider” the physical limit. the exercise decrease spasm and muscle clonus and decrees the odds for wound pressure and off course reduce the pain.
I hope to see you soon!

Victor - 0546793030

The address: Habarzel 11 street Ramat Ha`hayal Tel Aviv, (Beit Rofhim) B entrance 7th floor – הברזל 11 תל אביב
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